i found out more than what i needed to know about kingdom hearts...
its so shocking..
cant tell ya...^_^
or you will be spoiled too..

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my layout ^-^

i really like my new layout..
i wish i had a full metal alchemist layout though T_T..
but this is is really cute plus i just luv what these bunnys say..
they are always so rude and mean..
i luv em'
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^o^ im tired

i wanna take a nap but i cant seem to go to sleep..
so i decided to fix up my livejournal and go at it for a while..
til' i post again..bubye
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i havent posted in a long time cuz i havent had any time 2 do so buh hurrs a lil update righ now....
im in class
okah im done 4 now so i'll update again when sumin dramatic happens
buhbye ^-^
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sowy that i havent been writtin in here cuz i have been moving, im so0o0o0o tired 4rm moving there is just so much shyt to pack its unbelivable and been in school, plus sleepin and my cousin 4rm phillie bein here...well its jus been shyt T_T and my internet is gonna b disconnected so this is the last day that im gonna have the internet cuz my mom didnt even pay the bill for this month so im stuck lik chuck wit no luck...oh well i'll have it again in another week or so, so im fine till next time
and i took my first test in school and i actually got 100%..i cant belive that im actually gonna say this but i actually cant wait to study for the next one

till next time
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Well im just lookin around and reading other peoples journals, and im happy that i jus found a sailormoon fan thing so i joined it. Now im jus being nice and reading other journals and putting nice comments cuz every one desevers one now and again...maybe i'll find some people to put in my friends list...i only got 2...T_T

I hope that changes today

here i go...
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my bestest cousin, maria

I just had to write bout her cuz she was pissing me off so i have to write something positive bout her, so here it goes. She is the most...

monkey ass
fuck ass
dumb ass
stupid ass
computer hogger

person ever but she is also very...

go0d at giving advice
cant ever stop laughing
sharing (sometimes)

person that will always have my trust.

Well the thing she did today that pissed me off so damm much was that she just wouldnt get off the flippin computer, so i got her off the chair by tickleing her on her hip then she went down lauging and dropping food that she was eating all over the floor. Then when she was on the floor she curled up into the smallest person ball with drool it looked like she was the craziest person, but its her so its okah.
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